Global Roundup – December 2018: Part 2 – European Nationalism and Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

As 2018 winds down, here are two more global issues that matter - Growing nationalism in Europe and the draconian Islamic blasphemy laws in Pakistan - most recently in the case of Asia Bibi. It's your world: Be informed.

The Power of Your Story

Globalnext spends a lot time chasing stories around the world - and we try to bring that information back to our conference participants and get them to start chasing stories too - and to live out the stories that God has given them to live out. And we've certainly come across our fair share of … Continue reading The Power of Your Story

My World – My Leadership: Global Perspectives on Leadership

July 10, 2015 I recently returned from Afghanistan where I was a guest lecturer for the Swiss UMEF University, located in Kabul. During my time there, I gave many lectures on leadership, a fascinating and ever-changing topic. Philosophies, opinions and practices of leadership vary. The pragmatic side of leadership is also ever-present as people try … Continue reading My World – My Leadership: Global Perspectives on Leadership

2014 RECAP

December 31, 2014 I love New Year’s Eve. I don’t actually do anything - or go anywhere, but there is something very satisfying about letting a year expire - with all the good or not-so-good that happened, at least it’s over and there’s a chance to start a new year. But before we officially say … Continue reading 2014 RECAP


May 29, 2014US President Obama has made it clear that he plans to withdraw ALL troops from Afghanistan by 2016. After more than a decade of fighting, spending, training and dying, Obama is going to try to keep his vision of ending two wars before he leaves office. (Note, “ending,” not necessarily winning.) The Good News:We’re … Continue reading THE US AND AFGHANISTAN: THE NEXT CHAPTER

Looking Ahead: The Globalnexter in 2014

January 6, 2014As 2014 gets started, I thought I’d give a preview for the first part of my year ahead. For those not familiar with Global Next and its work, click HERE. The short version is this: I go places either for the purpose of training leaders in a global setting or I go places … Continue reading Looking Ahead: The Globalnexter in 2014

Random Global Information

October 24, 2013 Running an international research group and leadership institute keeps me constantly curious about the world and trying to understanding it. It’s one of the few things in life that keep me constantly engaged and leaning forward. (Want to know the few other things or people who can keep me leaning forward and … Continue reading Random Global Information

Global Update by the Numbers

Every now and again, it’s interesting to take a raw look at the numbers of the world - and what those numbers might mean. So here’s my first-ever “Global Update by the Numbers.” 7.18 Billion: Current global population - world population reached 7 billion on October 31, 2011.  Meaning: There are lots of people around! … Continue reading Global Update by the Numbers