2017: It’s Time to Go!

by Phil Johnson, Ph.D. December 31, 2017 http://www.globalnext.org 2017 was as busy as usual for the Globalnexter - I began the year in Poland, followed by Baghdad, Germany, Italy, Republic of Georgia, Finland, Estonia, Israel, the UK, Paris, Turkey, the Syrian border, Korea and now, I sit in Athens, Greece writing my final blog of … Continue reading 2017: It’s Time to Go!

5 Things to Know About North Korea and its Nuclear Threats

August 12, 2017 Ever since Kim Jong-Un, the current leader of North Korea, took over power from his father, the late Kill Il-Sung in 2011, he has put a lot of efforts into building up his nuclear capability. And now it seems he has the ability to strike other nations with nuclear-armed ICBM’s  The increased … Continue reading 5 Things to Know About North Korea and its Nuclear Threats


THE JUNE EDITION Phil Johnson, Ph.D. June 27, 2016 http://www.globalnext.org Every now and again, the “Globalnexter” likes to do a quick roundup of what’s going on in the world. If you haven’t read my last two blogs - I encourage you to catch up on what happened with the tragic Orlando Mass Shooting and my … Continue reading ISIS, BREXIT, NORTH KOREA and RANDOM GLOBAL HAPPENINGS

The Iranian DEAL

November 26, 2013The DEAL has been struck. After a decade of tension between Iran and the West over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, a deal of sorts has been reached and now we will wait and see if it ends up being good for the world, or not.  What’s the Deal?Basically, Iran has agreed to limit its nuclear … Continue reading The Iranian DEAL

Random Global Information

October 24, 2013 Running an international research group and leadership institute keeps me constantly curious about the world and trying to understanding it. It’s one of the few things in life that keep me constantly engaged and leaning forward. (Want to know the few other things or people who can keep me leaning forward and … Continue reading Random Global Information