The Truth About Iran’s Role in Syria

July 24, 2018 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Global Next The war in Syria has raged for more than seven years and has brought with it the deaths of half a million people, the displacement of millions more and untold suffering and destruction. And it’s not over yet.  In 2016, when I was doing research in … Continue reading The Truth About Iran’s Role in Syria

2017: It’s Time to Go!

by Phil Johnson, Ph.D. December 31, 2017 2017 was as busy as usual for the Globalnexter - I began the year in Poland, followed by Baghdad, Germany, Italy, Republic of Georgia, Finland, Estonia, Israel, the UK, Paris, Turkey, the Syrian border, Korea and now, I sit in Athens, Greece writing my final blog of … Continue reading 2017: It’s Time to Go!

5 Things to Know About North Korea and its Nuclear Threats

August 12, 2017 Ever since Kim Jong-Un, the current leader of North Korea, took over power from his father, the late Kill Il-Sung in 2011, he has put a lot of efforts into building up his nuclear capability. And now it seems he has the ability to strike other nations with nuclear-armed ICBM’s  The increased … Continue reading 5 Things to Know About North Korea and its Nuclear Threats

To Ban or Not to Ban: That is the Immigration Question

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. February 5, 2017 I can’t think of a more controversial issue plaguing the U.S. news these days than Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban for seven countries deemed to be a potential threat to U.S. security. Protestors and pundits all have their opinions. A Federal judge has “undone” the ban and President … Continue reading To Ban or Not to Ban: That is the Immigration Question

Presidential Campaigns, Controversy and Leadership

by Dr. Phil Johnson October 9, 2016 So, just a month before the U.S. presidential election, we’ve more controversies and scandals than ever. The obviously biased media is full of commentary.  Some members of the Republican party have now withdrawn their support of Donald Trump. (They will regret this later.) Things are as chaotic as … Continue reading Presidential Campaigns, Controversy and Leadership

A “Son of Raqqah” Shares: From the Heart of ISIS

September 8, 2016 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Global Next, LLC For a number of years I have have known and worked with a man who calls Al-Raqqah, Syria his home. Yes, the place of the headquarters of ISIS. This “son of Raqqah” is a man with whom I am well-acquainted and in turn is well-acquainted … Continue reading A “Son of Raqqah” Shares: From the Heart of ISIS

Donald Trump, U.S. Immigration and the Muslim World

January 29, 2016 If you have’t heard yet, Donald Trump is running for President of the U.S. Oh - and he’s going to make America great again! We’ll see about that... but the billionaire is famous for speaking his mind and it hasn’t seemed to hurt him in the polls yet. (He gets more media … Continue reading Donald Trump, U.S. Immigration and the Muslim World

GlobalNexter Predictions: 2016

December 31, 2015 I’ve never written a blog sharing my predictions for the future - but I was reading this article about this Bulgarian woman who apparently made all kinds of predictions, and I was thinking, “Who is this woman? And if she can make bizarre predictions about the future, why can’t I?” First, here’s her … Continue reading GlobalNexter Predictions: 2016

2015: The Year’s Top Ten!

December 24, 2015 Another year has nearly finished - and as usual, much has happened. This is my recap of the year - my thoughts of what I think were ten of the most significant geo-political events that have shaped our world and shaped us as people. Take a look back: (And yes, the coming sarcasm … Continue reading 2015: The Year’s Top Ten!