Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. August 5, 2022 America’s foreign policy has always been a tricky thing, but the recent policy decisions of the current administration are downright unsettling. In addition to myriad domestic and social challenges like high gas prices, historic inflation, an open southern border, angst over abortion rights and aggressive transgender activism, our leaders … Continue reading AMERICA’S FOREIGN POLICY: Feeling Safe Yet?

Afghanistan: Testing God’s Patience

By Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. “Sir, your breakfast is here.” I opened the door of my room in the faculty building of the Swiss University in Kabul (UMEF). A man stood just outside my door with a tray of food. Behind him were two Afghan deer who barged into my room, without invitation I might … Continue reading Afghanistan: Testing God’s Patience

9/11 Turns Eighteen

September 11, 2019 Philip C Johnson, Ph.D. It’s September 11th again and we’ve come upon the 18th anniversary of the horrific events that occurred at the hands of 19 al-Qaeda members back in 2001. Eighteen years. If this anniversary were a person, he or she would be old enough to vote. Old enough to … Continue reading 9/11 Turns Eighteen

Goodbye Syria and Afghanistan: Good? Bad? Or Prophetic?

Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. December 24, 2018 Last Wednesday, President Trump announced that we are bringing our troops home from Syria and about half of our troops home from Afghanistan. Politicians, military experts and the media have all reacted like the world is coming to an end. Even all those politicians and media pundits … Continue reading Goodbye Syria and Afghanistan: Good? Bad? Or Prophetic?

From Afghanistan to Germany: The Life of a Refugee

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. March 1, 2017 I have known Mr. Hami for several years - he was one of my students when I taught business and leadership courses in Afghanistan in 2014-2016. He didn't finish his course of study - instead he opted for freedom and the life and status of a refugee in … Continue reading From Afghanistan to Germany: The Life of a Refugee

Before it Gets Dark

December 28, 2016 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. As 2016 comes to a close, it’s hard not to think back over all that has happened - with new events marking the final days of the year. 2016 has been peppered with contentious issues like the U.S. presidential election, China’s growing aggression in the South China Seas, … Continue reading Before it Gets Dark

The Power of Your Story

Globalnext spends a lot time chasing stories around the world - and we try to bring that information back to our conference participants and get them to start chasing stories too - and to live out the stories that God has given them to live out. And we've certainly come across our fair share of … Continue reading The Power of Your Story

New Season Begins for GlobalNext!

August 2, 2016 The hot, slow days of July have gone by and August is upon us.  With that, things for the Globalnexter begin to step into high gear.  For those who are following our work, our ideas and our global impact - here are some upcoming highlights. We hope you'll be able to join … Continue reading New Season Begins for GlobalNext!

2016 Half-Time Report: Bloody Season for ISIS and the Loss of Elie Wiesel

July 6, 2016 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Here we are, just barely past the half-way mark of the year and the figures for ISIS terror attacks is astounding. In the first half of 2016, there have been 1208 jihad-inspired attacks in 50 countries, in which 11,076 people were killed and 13,356 were injured. You can … Continue reading 2016 Half-Time Report: Bloody Season for ISIS and the Loss of Elie Wiesel

Mass Shooting in Orlando: I’ve got a few questions, do you?

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. June 15, 2016 Summary: What Happened? On June 12, Omar Mateen, an American citizen of Afghan decent went into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida and murdered 49 people and wounded 53 more. He did it in the name of Allah. He did it in solidarity with ISIS. He threatened further attacks from … Continue reading Mass Shooting in Orlando: I’ve got a few questions, do you?