From Antifa to Globalism: Making Sense of Media Buzzwords

The recent violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia created new opportunities for division and confusion for Americans.  Demonstrations, protests, attitudes, viewpoints, diverse opinions, hatred and violence were all on display. And the media couldn’t get enough of it - couldn’t get enough of “virtue signaling” or blame casting. It seemed as if the establishment media and … Continue reading From Antifa to Globalism: Making Sense of Media Buzzwords

Guns, Violence and Distractions

A gunman opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, September 16th. Thirteen people are dead - including the gunman. At least eight others were injured. Aaron Alexis, from Fort Worth, Texas was identified as the gunman. It’s been reported that he was a Navy reservist, but had been discharged for a pattern of … Continue reading Guns, Violence and Distractions

Egypt in Context

Of course I have to blog about Egypt. My organization, Global Next, has an office in Cairo. We offer numerous training conferences and run an internship program there. I have witnessed first-hand the impact of the first revolution in 2011, the presidential election of 2012, the subsequent violence in the winter of 2013 and the … Continue reading Egypt in Context