Israel: Connecting Past, Present and Future

June 16, 2019 Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. http://www.globalnext The last days of Global Next’s 2018-2019 season has come to a close with an incredible conference in Israel with a beautiful group of people. In fact, I would be hard-pressed to assemble a better mixture of individuals filled with a readiness to learn, an ability to … Continue reading Israel: Connecting Past, Present and Future

Gay Pride in Conservative Jerusalem

Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. June 6, 2019 It used to be said that you go to Jerusalem to pray and to Tel Aviv to play. I guess that old saying has not been true for a while. Today, marching down the street in front of my hotel was Jerusalem's gay pride parade. The group … Continue reading Gay Pride in Conservative Jerusalem

Surviving Jerusalem Syndrome

January 27, 2019 Philip Johnson, Ph.D.  Today is my last day in Jerusalem - I’ve been here since December 31st - so I’ve seen one year pass into another here in the world’s holiest and most contentious city. It’s been said that when people spend too much time in Jerusalem, they start going crazy … Continue reading Surviving Jerusalem Syndrome

Beirut: Why I Love Talking to Radwan Mortada

September 24, 2018 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Mr. Radwan Mortada is a TV news producer for Al Jadeed TV and a journalist for Al-Akhbar newspaper in Beirut, Lebanon. He is also a friend of mine and today I had the pleasure of sitting down with him in Beirut to discuss the constantly evolving and ever-confusing … Continue reading Beirut: Why I Love Talking to Radwan Mortada

Israel: 1948-2018: Creation and Catastrophe

May 15, 2018  Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Yesterday was an historic day with the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. It was a definitive statement by the US government that recognized Israel’s sovereignty and the historical truth that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the State of Israel. And of course, not everyone was … Continue reading Israel: 1948-2018: Creation and Catastrophe

May Madness: Will Israel Survive the Month of May?

May 5, 2018 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Ahmed Khidr is not my friend. Oh, he appears as one of my “friends” on Facebook - but so do nearly 5000 other people. And as we all know, “facebook friends” are not always what we’d call friends in the real world.  But Mr. Khidr recently posted on … Continue reading May Madness: Will Israel Survive the Month of May?

Move an Embassy, Start a War?

A Conversation with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in Ramallah, West Bank Phil Johnson, Ph.D. April 22, 2018 SWIRLING GLOBAL EVENTS: Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a swirl of global events and you’re not exactly sure where those events - where those stories are taking you. I believe we find ourselves in such … Continue reading Move an Embassy, Start a War?

Global Snapshots: Spring 2018

By Phil Johnson, Ph.D. March 24, 2018 Greetings Globalnexters - this season of study-abroad conferences and research is going by like a whirlwind - so I thought I’d stop for a moment and share some insights and impressions from the places that Global Next has found itself in the last few weeks. Here are … Continue reading Global Snapshots: Spring 2018

2017: It’s Time to Go!

by Phil Johnson, Ph.D. December 31, 2017 2017 was as busy as usual for the Globalnexter - I began the year in Poland, followed by Baghdad, Germany, Italy, Republic of Georgia, Finland, Estonia, Israel, the UK, Paris, Turkey, the Syrian border, Korea and now, I sit in Athens, Greece writing my final blog of … Continue reading 2017: It’s Time to Go!