July 30, 2020 Philip C Johnson, Ph.D. It’s hard to believe that July 2020 is nearly over. It’s also hard to wrap one’s mind around all that has already happened in this very, very strange year. So much of what has already happened has already been “memory-holed” as they say. Topics and issues just … Continue reading STRANGE DAYS


Philip C. Johnson June 2, 2020 US Press Agency Global Next Leadership Institute The weekend had been rough. The country was rocked with protests and violent riots in response to the death of George Floyd, a black Minnesota man who had been killed by a white police officer in an obvious act of police … Continue reading THE POWER OF FEAR MESSAGING

Global Roundup – December 2018: Part 2 – European Nationalism and Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

As 2018 winds down, here are two more global issues that matter - Growing nationalism in Europe and the draconian Islamic blasphemy laws in Pakistan - most recently in the case of Asia Bibi. It's your world: Be informed.

Global Roundup: December 2018 – Part 1: Paris and Libya

December 10, 2018 Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. I’ve been busy with Global Next’s international conferences, domestic speaking engagements and some in-person research in North Africa. So now it seems like it’s time to take an overview on some of the stories that have littered the landscape in November and December as we rush headlong … Continue reading Global Roundup: December 2018 – Part 1: Paris and Libya

From Antifa to Globalism: Making Sense of Media Buzzwords

The recent violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia created new opportunities for division and confusion for Americans.  Demonstrations, protests, attitudes, viewpoints, diverse opinions, hatred and violence were all on display. And the media couldn’t get enough of it - couldn’t get enough of “virtue signaling” or blame casting. It seemed as if the establishment media and … Continue reading From Antifa to Globalism: Making Sense of Media Buzzwords

Dallas: Police Ambushed by Snipers at Peaceful Rally

Phil Johnson, Ph,.D. July 8, 2016 Within one day of each other, there were two police shootings of two back men  - and of course two videos showing at least one perspective of the events. (In one case, the girlfriend live-streamed her boyfriend dying on Facebook - I can’t even begin to wrap my … Continue reading Dallas: Police Ambushed by Snipers at Peaceful Rally

Ukraine: The Continuing Revolution Trend

February 17, 2014 What’s going on in Ukraine? Ukrainians have been protesting since November 21st. It took many analysts by surprise and as it has unfolded, it has revealed underlying complexities regarding who is involved, what they want and how far they’re willing to go. It all sparked when President Victor Yanukovych, decided to reject … Continue reading Ukraine: The Continuing Revolution Trend

Egypt in Context

Of course I have to blog about Egypt. My organization, Global Next, has an office in Cairo. We offer numerous training conferences and run an internship program there. I have witnessed first-hand the impact of the first revolution in 2011, the presidential election of 2012, the subsequent violence in the winter of 2013 and the … Continue reading Egypt in Context