2019: The Year and Decade That Was

January 1, 2020 Philip C Johnson, Ph.D. http://www.globalnext.org Happy New Year from Kraków, Poland! Again, it’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone - but this time, we can also reflect on the conclusion of a whole decade. The 2010’s have taken their final bow and the 2020’s are ready to “roar” and … Continue reading 2019: The Year and Decade That Was

Hungary: Populist Paradise or Danger to Democracy?

October 16, 2019 Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. Budapest, Hungary http://www.globalnext.org Why would I, as an American care about the political goings-on in far-off Hungary? I blame Mr. Peter Szijjártó.  My fascination with Hungarian politics began when I heard the Foreign Minister in an interview defending his country’s populist agenda. Mr. Szijjártó spoke of freedom, controlling … Continue reading Hungary: Populist Paradise or Danger to Democracy?

Global Roundup – December 2018: Part 2 – European Nationalism and Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

As 2018 winds down, here are two more global issues that matter - Growing nationalism in Europe and the draconian Islamic blasphemy laws in Pakistan - most recently in the case of Asia Bibi. It's your world: Be informed.

Why I Hate Globalism

September 9, 2018 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. http://www.globalnext.org  Nothing is more dangerous in the 21st century than ignorance - especially ignorance of the goals and motives of the main stream media, progressive leftists, political Islam and the ideology of globalism. Last week I wrote an article entitled “Why I Don’t Hate Donald Trump.”  In the article, I … Continue reading Why I Hate Globalism

From Antifa to Globalism: Making Sense of Media Buzzwords

The recent violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia created new opportunities for division and confusion for Americans.  Demonstrations, protests, attitudes, viewpoints, diverse opinions, hatred and violence were all on display. And the media couldn’t get enough of it - couldn’t get enough of “virtue signaling” or blame casting. It seemed as if the establishment media and … Continue reading From Antifa to Globalism: Making Sense of Media Buzzwords