Global Roundup – December 2018: Part 2 – European Nationalism and Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

December 14, 2018
Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D.

Welcome to Part 2 of my Global Round UP of December 2018. If you missed Part 1, you can read it HERE. 


What’s going on? 
Nationalism is continuing to sweep through Europe as certain countries and citizens of those countries have decided that it might be a good idea to take back their sovereignty and make decisions that are good for their citizens. Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and others have been on this path for a while now. But Italy’s new government and a growing political party in Spain can now be added to the list. 

What do they want?
In Italy, the new government has really doubled down on deporting illegal immigrants. Prime Minister Salvini has made his message clear to illegal immigrants: “Get ready to pack your bags.” It’s not just about preventing boatloads full of new illegal migrants (some of which are financed and managed by “NGO’s” – never trust them!), it’s also about deporting 500,000 illegals and restricting endless attempts to apply for asylum. Italy is quite serious about no longer being a dumping ground for people who are trying to enter their country illegally. 7f2771f2baaf579482df67232c6622fc31209bb5

Of course some of those ships carrying migrants that couldn’t make it into Italy just redirected to Spain. But a little-know anti-immigration, populist party in Spain known as VOX has started growing and in the most recent regional elections won 11% of the vote and secured 12 seats in parliament.  While nothing near a majority, their growth is reflective of the mood of the population and has the Establishment more than a little nervous. 

VOX’s platform includes the following: The party wants a plan to encourage national heroes, putting an emphasis on the achievements and deeds of their own national heroes. VOX wants to put the needs of Spaniards ahead of the needs of oligarchies, chieftains, lobbies or supranational groups. They also want an end to the “gender violence law” and replace it with a “family violence law,” which will protect the elderly, men, women and children who suffer from abuse – eliminating radical feminist groups. VOX wants to deport all illegal immigrants AND go after non-profit groups that help them get to Spain. They also want to shut down fundamentalist mosques and arrest and deport extremist imams. And they want to build a wall. This sort of sounds familiar… (In addition, they are anti-abortion, pro lower taxation and want to replace gay marriage with “civil union.”) 

Will it last? 
Populism or Nationalism (depending on the connotations one chooses to give either word)  in Europe appears to be a growing movement – but the Bureaucrats in Brussels – the de-facto capital of the European Union –  continues to apply pressure to EU member states, especially when it comes to taking in migrants (for any reason whatsoever). Only time will tell if the movement grows or fades. At its best, it provides hope for maintaining national freedom in a world that is rushing to become a borderless and dangerous place. At worst, it’s a last, gasping effort for freedom of choice. And for those who have never seen it – I encourage you to watch the video in this link that shows how mass migration can never meet the world’s poverty needs. There are other ways – but the Western World and richer countries are not and cannot be the final solution. 


Who’s at the center of this issue?
Blog_Bibi_1200x630Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian, was convicted in 2010 after being accused of insulting the prophet Muhammad during an argument with her neighbors. She has always asserted her innocence, but has spent most of the past eight years in solitary confinement before Pakistan’s Supreme Court finally released her last month for “lack of evidence.” 

Her release from prison was greeted by widespread, mass violent protests by hardliners against the court’s decision to release her. She and her family are currently in hiding, fearing for their lives. She is not allowed to leave the country and she may face trial again and could possibly be convicted. 

What do hardline Pakistani Muslims want?
Insulting Islam or the prophet Mohammed is an extremely sensitive issues in the Muslims world – and nowhere more so than in Pakistan. In short, they want Asia Bibi to die for allegedly committing blasphemy. In the bigger picture, they want Shariah Law applied across the country which requires, among other things, the stoning of women accused of adultery, honor killings, cutting off the hand of a thief, the killing of homosexuals, the killing of any Muslim who leaves the faith, and of course, the death penalty for anyone who (in their view) dishonors Islam or the prophet Mohammad. According to a PEW opinion poll, 84% of Pakistanis want Shariah Law to be the law of the land. 64% support the death penalty for those who leave the Islamic faith. So explain to me again where all the moderate Muslims are? Take a look at this video from the PragerU – you’ll be glad you did. And just to be clear – you don’t have to be the one violently protesting or joining a jihadist group to support the ideology of those who do. 

Why the UK won’t offer asylum to this woman?
If there was ever a worthy asylum case, it would be for Asia Bibi. She cannot live safely in Pakistan. But the United Kingdom – supposed land of free speech, champion of liberty and lover of freedom said that they cannot – will not take her. Why? Because her presence in their country might enflame the many Muslims who reside in the U.K. What??? How did you let that happen, Britain? Surely the United Kingdom, with its multicultural sensitivities and much-heralded diversity, must be a bastion of peace, tolerance and nonviolence. Right? (Sarcasm intended.) 

How did you let people with violent tendencies and radical views start making your decisions. What happened to accepting refugees who pledged their loyalty to their new host nation and adopted its values? Running parallel societies is such a terrible idea. And it’s happening in more places than just Britain. However, there are several European countries who have offered asylum to Asia Bibi (and are negotiating with the Pakistani government) and Senator Rand Paul has spoken to U.S. President Donald Trump about offering her asylum. The question is, will Pakistan let her leave the country before the next trial? 

Well, that’s it – two more issues that I find important and interesting as 2018 winds down. Here are a few things of which I am sure:

  1. A borderless world is not good.
  2. National sovereignty along with global cooperation is good.
  3. Freedom of speech – even speech that I find offensive or disagree with – is a good thing. How can meaningful discussions ever occur without it?
  4. And finally – if you really believe you possessed the one, true, exclusive religion – the ultimate answer for a relationship with God and hope for eternity with Him, I can’t help but think that you would find yourself filled with confidence, peace and inner assurance. Not with the need to attack and kill those who disagree with you, offend your beliefs or who believe differently. Just a thought. 

2 thoughts on “Global Roundup – December 2018: Part 2 – European Nationalism and Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

  1. Did you see that the YouTube Nazis took down the video you linked too?

    Apparently, it was too offensive.

    That Prager video was good!

    Thanks, Matt


    1. For the immigration video??? I just clicked on it and it warned me the content might be offensive. I’ve never seen that warning in that video before and it’s an old video! I guess I’m disturbing people. 😇

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