Need Sleep? Watch Impeachment Coverage

December 1, 2019 Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. If you’ve ever had trouble falling asleep, I’ve got the solution for you: Watch the Democrats try to impeach Donald Trump.  It’s mind numbing - in fact, I would have written about this sooner, but apparently, I fell asleep while trying to find some meaningful aspect of … Continue reading Need Sleep? Watch Impeachment Coverage

When a Caravan Becomes an Invasion

October 28, 2018 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. For weeks now - since October 12th - groups of migrants have been traveling from Honduras, through Guatemala and then into Mexico. Their final destination? The good ‘ol U.S.A. At first, the group was composed of about 5000 people, but their ranks have increased to a reported 14,000 … Continue reading When a Caravan Becomes an Invasion

Why I Don’t Hate Donald Trump

September 2, 2018 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. If you want support in hating U.S. President Donald Trump, you only need to look as far as CNN, the New York Times, Hollywood, the international press or John McCain’s funeral. (Seriously - who uses a man’s funeral to take passive-aggressive pot shots at other leaders? Mr. Obama?)  … Continue reading Why I Don’t Hate Donald Trump

My World – My Leadership: Global Perspectives on Leadership

July 10, 2015 I recently returned from Afghanistan where I was a guest lecturer for the Swiss UMEF University, located in Kabul. During my time there, I gave many lectures on leadership, a fascinating and ever-changing topic. Philosophies, opinions and practices of leadership vary. The pragmatic side of leadership is also ever-present as people try … Continue reading My World – My Leadership: Global Perspectives on Leadership

ISIS: The Kurdish Factor

By Phil Johnson, Ph.D. (with special assistance from Ary Rasool) March 21, 2015 Today is Kurdish Newroz - a celebration of the Kurdish New Year. This year, the celebration coincides with yesterday’s release of a graphic video produced by ISIS showing the brutal beheadings of three Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers. At least fourteen other soldiers are still … Continue reading ISIS: The Kurdish Factor