9/11 Turns Eighteen

September 11, 2019 Philip C Johnson, Ph.D. http://www.globalnext.org It’s September 11th again and we’ve come upon the 18th anniversary of the horrific events that occurred at the hands of 19 al-Qaeda members back in 2001. Eighteen years. If this anniversary were a person, he or she would be old enough to vote. Old enough to … Continue reading 9/11 Turns Eighteen

Israel: 1948-2018: Creation and Catastrophe

May 15, 2018  Phil Johnson, Ph.D. http://www.globalnext.org Yesterday was an historic day with the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. It was a definitive statement by the US government that recognized Israel’s sovereignty and the historical truth that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the State of Israel. And of course, not everyone was … Continue reading Israel: 1948-2018: Creation and Catastrophe

Shootings in Tel Aviv Condemned by the World..but Not By Everyone

June 10, 2016 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Global Next Leadership Institute http://www.globalnext.org On June 8th, two Palestinian terrorists opened fire on civilians at the Sarona market in Tel Aviv killing four people and wounding at least five others. Both gunmen are in custody. According to the Israeli Security Agency, September 2015 saw the start of a … Continue reading Shootings in Tel Aviv Condemned by the World..but Not By Everyone

Peace: One Step Backwards for Israel and Palestine

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. April 21, 2016 On Monday of this week, a bomb exploded on a bus in Jerusalem wounding 20 and killing the perpetrator, a 19-year old Palestinian man from the Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem. Hamas has claimed responsibility. This, in addition to the increased number of stabbings in Jerusalem this year do … Continue reading Peace: One Step Backwards for Israel and Palestine

2014 RECAP

December 31, 2014 I love New Year’s Eve. I don’t actually do anything - or go anywhere, but there is something very satisfying about letting a year expire - with all the good or not-so-good that happened, at least it’s over and there’s a chance to start a new year. But before we officially say … Continue reading 2014 RECAP

The World in a Nutshell: October 2014

It is time to give a quick “global update” and comment on some of the many stories dominating the news theses days. Fasten your seatbelt - here’s the world: 1. Shooting Near the Canadian Parliament. One soldier was killed and at least 3 others were wounded by a terrorist shooting today in Ottawa. Why does it … Continue reading The World in a Nutshell: October 2014