Surviving Jerusalem Syndrome

January 27, 2019 Philip Johnson, Ph.D.  Today is my last day in Jerusalem - I’ve been here since December 31st - so I’ve seen one year pass into another here in the world’s holiest and most contentious city. It’s been said that when people spend too much time in Jerusalem, they start going crazy … Continue reading Surviving Jerusalem Syndrome

Global Roundup: December 2018 – Part 1: Paris and Libya

December 10, 2018 Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. I’ve been busy with Global Next’s international conferences, domestic speaking engagements and some in-person research in North Africa. So now it seems like it’s time to take an overview on some of the stories that have littered the landscape in November and December as we rush headlong … Continue reading Global Roundup: December 2018 – Part 1: Paris and Libya

Why I Don’t Hate Donald Trump

September 2, 2018 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. If you want support in hating U.S. President Donald Trump, you only need to look as far as CNN, the New York Times, Hollywood, the international press or John McCain’s funeral. (Seriously - who uses a man’s funeral to take passive-aggressive pot shots at other leaders? Mr. Obama?)  … Continue reading Why I Don’t Hate Donald Trump

The Irrationality of Fear: Are We Thinking Straight?

  L.A. School Shut Down, San Bernardino and Syrian Refugees Keep the Fear Level Alive December 17, 2015 On Tuesday, the two largest school districts in the U.S. received terror threats against their schools. New York City’s schools remained open. Los Angeles, in an unprecedented move, shut down the entire public school system - more … Continue reading The Irrationality of Fear: Are We Thinking Straight?

Ukraine: The Continuing Revolution Trend

February 17, 2014 What’s going on in Ukraine? Ukrainians have been protesting since November 21st. It took many analysts by surprise and as it has unfolded, it has revealed underlying complexities regarding who is involved, what they want and how far they’re willing to go. It all sparked when President Victor Yanukovych, decided to reject … Continue reading Ukraine: The Continuing Revolution Trend

Syria, Chemical Weapons and the US Response

My source inside of Syria contacted me today. He’s a Syrian journalist in Damascus covering the ongoing civil war. He doesn’t want me to use his name, but I trust his information - I’ve literally put my life in his hands when I worked on a project in Damascus back in 2009.  After giving me … Continue reading Syria, Chemical Weapons and the US Response