The Power of Your Story

Globalnext spends a lot time chasing stories around the world - and we try to bring that information back to our conference participants and get them to start chasing stories too - and to live out the stories that God has given them to live out. And we've certainly come across our fair share of … Continue reading The Power of Your Story

Stories…It’s Always About the Story

November 28, 2014 I’m sitting in an airport in Washington, D.C. waiting for my flight to Geneva where I will teach a course on leadership and team building. I am sitting in the city of my birth, watching thousands of people walk by - each with his or her own story. You can hear some … Continue reading Stories…It’s Always About the Story

Thoughts from the Corners of the World

It's always interesting when I look at snapshots of my life - just moments, short chapters and then the page is turned. Snapshot One: For the last few weeks I was working at the Swiss UMEF University in Afghanistan, teaching a course for their MBA program. It was nothing like I thought it would be. I almost … Continue reading Thoughts from the Corners of the World


June 27, 2014 I guess everyone has dreams. It’s surprising how different those dreams might be. While the parents of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram are dreaming of the return of the daughters, there are others - in other places - who are praying that their kid will win some child beauty pageant. While some … Continue reading FOR THOSE WHO DREAM…

Six Reasons Why You MUST Travel

A big part of the work of Global Next involves the magic of travel. One of our primary programs is taking students and young professionals to international locations where we host leadership conferences. These conferences are held in places like Oxford University, Paris, Germany, Prague, Athens, Rome, Poland and Jerusalem. Each location offers a different … Continue reading Six Reasons Why You MUST Travel