A Marxist America

A Marxist America I'm Phil Johnson - the "GlobalNexter." Just a guy who wanders the world, connects a few dots, pays attention and values my family, my faith, my liberty and free speech.July 6, 2020 Visit http://www.globalnext.org to see all the Global Next, the organization does. JULY 6, 2020 It should be obvious to everyone … Continue reading A Marxist America


Philip C. Johnson June 2, 2020 US Press Agency Global Next Leadership Institute http://www.globalnext.org The weekend had been rough. The country was rocked with protests and violent riots in response to the death of George Floyd, a black Minnesota man who had been killed by a white police officer in an obvious act of police … Continue reading THE POWER OF FEAR MESSAGING

Dallas Ambush on Police: Update

Phil Johnson, Ph,.D. July 10, 2016 http://www.globalnext.org *The following includes the original article - as events were happening. This includes both the original as well as current updates and perspectives in race relations in the U.S. Within one day of each other, there were two police shootings of two back menĀ  - and of course … Continue reading Dallas Ambush on Police: Update