May Madness: Will Israel Survive the Month of May?

May 5, 2018 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Ahmed Khidr is not my friend. Oh, he appears as one of my “friends” on Facebook - but so do nearly 5000 other people. And as we all know, “facebook friends” are not always what we’d call friends in the real world.  But Mr. Khidr recently posted on … Continue reading May Madness: Will Israel Survive the Month of May?

Move an Embassy, Start a War?

A Conversation with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in Ramallah, West Bank Phil Johnson, Ph.D. April 22, 2018 SWIRLING GLOBAL EVENTS: Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a swirl of global events and you’re not exactly sure where those events - where those stories are taking you. I believe we find ourselves in such … Continue reading Move an Embassy, Start a War?

2016: The Rear-View Mirror Look

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. December 15, 2016 It’s time once again to take a look back at the year known as 2016. For me, this year has gone by quickly. At times, I felt that the clock just needed to stop - that time should graciously give us a break and let us catch our … Continue reading 2016: The Rear-View Mirror Look

New Season Begins for GlobalNext!

August 2, 2016 The hot, slow days of July have gone by and August is upon us.  With that, things for the Globalnexter begin to step into high gear.  For those who are following our work, our ideas and our global impact - here are some upcoming highlights. We hope you'll be able to join … Continue reading New Season Begins for GlobalNext!