ISIS Leader, Al-Baghdadi Dead – U.S. Dog, Alive and Well

Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. October 30, 2019 On October 26th, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the world’s most-wanted terrorist finished his time on earth. Thankfully. According to reports, with the help of an ISIS informant, the Kurdish-led SDF and the skill of U.S. special forces, the leader of ISIS was tracked down in his hideout in … Continue reading ISIS Leader, Al-Baghdadi Dead – U.S. Dog, Alive and Well

The Truth About Iran’s Role in Syria

July 24, 2018 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Global Next The war in Syria has raged for more than seven years and has brought with it the deaths of half a million people, the displacement of millions more and untold suffering and destruction. And it’s not over yet.  In 2016, when I was doing research in … Continue reading The Truth About Iran’s Role in Syria

Turkey’s Failed Coup: 5 Things to Know

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. July 17, 2016 1. What happened and when?  Between Friday night and Saturday morning (July 14-15), segments of Turkey’s military attempted to take over the government and oust current president and leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (who was vacationing on the Black Sea) Roads and bridges were blocked by tanks, helicopters dotted … Continue reading Turkey’s Failed Coup: 5 Things to Know

GlobalNexter Predictions: 2016

December 31, 2015 I’ve never written a blog sharing my predictions for the future - but I was reading this article about this Bulgarian woman who apparently made all kinds of predictions, and I was thinking, “Who is this woman? And if she can make bizarre predictions about the future, why can’t I?” First, here’s her … Continue reading GlobalNexter Predictions: 2016

ISIS: The Kurdish Factor

By Phil Johnson, Ph.D. (with special assistance from Ary Rasool) March 21, 2015 Today is Kurdish Newroz - a celebration of the Kurdish New Year. This year, the celebration coincides with yesterday’s release of a graphic video produced by ISIS showing the brutal beheadings of three Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers. At least fourteen other soldiers are still … Continue reading ISIS: The Kurdish Factor

The World in a Nutshell: October 2014

It is time to give a quick “global update” and comment on some of the many stories dominating the news theses days. Fasten your seatbelt - here’s the world: 1. Shooting Near the Canadian Parliament. One soldier was killed and at least 3 others were wounded by a terrorist shooting today in Ottawa. Why does it … Continue reading The World in a Nutshell: October 2014