The Comeback of ISIS: Will Your Favorite Jihadist Group Return?

March 10, 2019 Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D. Perhaps you noticed that this particular article suddenly disappeared after being published. If you were someone who was able to read the original, I am happy for that. If not - let me explain. I have spent the last week dealing with Kurdish government officials who have … Continue reading The Comeback of ISIS: Will Your Favorite Jihadist Group Return?

Global Snapshots: Spring 2018

By Phil Johnson, Ph.D. March 24, 2018 Greetings Globalnexters - this season of study-abroad conferences and research is going by like a whirlwind - so I thought I’d stop for a moment and share some insights and impressions from the places that Global Next has found itself in the last few weeks. Here are … Continue reading Global Snapshots: Spring 2018

Radicalizing Uzbeks?

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. January 25, 2018 OK, admit it - you aren’t exactly sure where Uzbekistan is. It’s OK, you’re not alone. Collectively, we’ve pretty much ignored this part of the world with the notable exception of Afghanistan. But 2017 put Uzbekistan front and center with a spate of terror attacks all purportedly committed by … Continue reading Radicalizing Uzbeks?

A “Son of Raqqah” Shares: From the Heart of ISIS

September 8, 2016 Phil Johnson, Ph.D. Global Next, LLC For a number of years I have have known and worked with a man who calls Al-Raqqah, Syria his home. Yes, the place of the headquarters of ISIS. This “son of Raqqah” is a man with whom I am well-acquainted and in turn is well-acquainted … Continue reading A “Son of Raqqah” Shares: From the Heart of ISIS

ISIS: The Kurdish Factor

By Phil Johnson, Ph.D. (with special assistance from Ary Rasool) March 21, 2015 Today is Kurdish Newroz - a celebration of the Kurdish New Year. This year, the celebration coincides with yesterday’s release of a graphic video produced by ISIS showing the brutal beheadings of three Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers. At least fourteen other soldiers are still … Continue reading ISIS: The Kurdish Factor