When a Caravan Becomes an Invasion

October 28, 2018
Phil Johnson, Ph.D.

For weeks now – since October 12th – groups of migrants have been traveling from Honduras, through Guatemala and then into Mexico. Their final destination? The good ‘ol U.S.A. At first, the group was composed of about 5000 people, but their ranks have increased to a reported 14,000 individuals. While there are women and children among the migrants, adult men make up the largest contingent. 

The intention of these migrants is to make their way to America, cross the border illegally and then apply for asylum and find a way to stay in our country permanently. Which leads me to ask this question – is this a “caravan” or an “invasion?” 

Definition of a Caravan A covered horse-drawn wagon; a covered truck. A group of people, especially traders or pilgrims traveling together across the dessert in Asia or North Africa. Any large group of people, typically with vehicles or animals, traveling together in single file. 

Definition of an Invasion: An unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain. An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity. 

Which one of these two definitions seems more accurate in describing what is happening with the group that is marching through Central America and Mexico with the intent of entering the U.S. illegally? They certainly aren’t on a pilgrimage or headed towards a trade deal. They are attempting to intrude into a sovereign domain, without invitation or permission. 

As I’ve written before, I am a big fan of LEGAL immigration – but not a fan ILLEGAL immigration. I am also a supporter of providing asylum to those who are TRULY in mortal danger from their government because of their race, religion or political views. 

So let’s ponder a few things as this group makes its ways up through Mexico to our borders: 

  1. Why aren’t the men staying in their own countries and fighting for change? I don’t have an answer to that – but I think about it. When things are going bad in your country – should you just run away? Or should you stay and fight and bring about change. Those during the French Revolution stayed. And in the American Revolution.  Those in the Egyptian Arab Spring stayed, voted, protested, sacrificed, marched and then ended right back where they started, with military rule. But what they didn’t do, was run away. 
  1. Do most of these people have legitimate claims for “asylum?” The governments of Honduras and Guatemala do not have official policies (and across-the-board policies) of persecuting people based on religion, nationality, political affiliation, race or membership of a particular social group.  There have been accusations of election fraud in Honduras last year and some violent protests, but also peaceful protests. There have also been concerns over the treatment of some ethnic Mayans in Guatemala. But the bar for claiming asylum is – and should be – pretty high. It will not, and should not apply to the vast majority of people in this caravan. There might be economic challenges in these countries and there is most certainly crime in these countries. But the bar for asylum has nothing to do with economics or crime. 
  1. Who is organizing or financing this group? Groups like this may start organically, but they do not become what this one has become without someone or some group behind it. Yes, there are rumors – like the Democrats are behind it (probably not – it’s not a good political situations for them.) Or the Republicans are behind it (also, unlikely for many reasons.) Billionaire George Soros and even Venezuela have been fingered as forces behind this mass group of people marching towards America’s borders. Someone is helping to organize and finance this situation. Who it is – I am not quite sure yet. Various progressive groups with a borderless world ideology? Maybe. But it is not just the charitable “do-gooders” along the way that are making this migration situation the problem that it will become. 
  1. President Trump says that this “caravan” is not getting in to the US. He’s already readied at least 800 troops to defend our borders. What do you suppose that will end up looking like? It seems likely that the women and children will be pushed to the front – because all you need is a picture of a U.S. soldier pointing his gun at a child or a pregnant woman to “trigger” all the emotions of others and then come to the conclusion that the U.S. is heartless. You can expect to hear the liberal media say over and over again, “But this is not who we, as Americans, are!” To which I would reply – “Americans are people who are gracious and generous, but who abide by the law – and there are lots of people who have applied for asylum in the U.S. who are still waiting to get processed. So this group, needs to do it the legal way, and get in line.”
  1. Who is in this group? Donald Trump took some flack for saying that there were bad actors and Middle Easterners embedded in this group. But then according to Axios,  Home Land Security came out and claimed that indeed, people from Middle Eastern countries and elsewhere are “currently traveling through Mexico towards the U.S.,” and that “gang members” and people with “significant criminal histories” are in the caravan of Central Americans traveling through Mexico.” And we’re not supposed to be concerned about “who” is in this group of uninvited intruders? 
  1. What will happen to anyone who actually makes it inside the U.S.? Will they be able to stay? More than likely if they make it through, they will be met with a host of progressive lawyers who will happily take their cases – and exploit the flaws in our immigration system. The illegal migrants will be held for a little while, then given a court date to come back and make their case for asylum. Most will not return. Those who do return, will have been endlessly coached by their lawyers on exactly what to say to increase their chances of obtaining asylum in the U.S. 
  1. Why don’t these people seek asylum in Mexico – the closest safe country? Apparently a few have done so – most likely because they simply couldn’t physically continue to make the journey. But for the vast number still marching forwards, the answer is simple: Because they don’t want to – they want to come to the U.S. because it’s flat out better. So they are not just seeking immediate safety – they are seeking to take advantage of the welfare benefits of the richest, most successful country in the world. And they are seeking to do it by overwhelming our border and entering into our sovereign country illegally. 
  1. There is no question that the world is full of people who are in need – not just in Central America. But the US cannot heal the world – we cannot attend to all the needy and sick. (And I haven’t even discussed the issue of illness, and disease that will accompany a group of this size. Anyone hankering for a new outbreak of typhoid?)  We have homeless people and poverty-stricken people in the US  (citizens) who aren’t being cared for. The United States is NOT the answer for all problems in the world. And each time a group succeeds in breaching our sovereign borders illegally, it gives incentive to others who will attempt the same thing. There are already other caravans beginning to form in Guatemala and El Salvador. Get ready for more invasions. Where is that WALL? 

2 thoughts on “When a Caravan Becomes an Invasion

  1. You are right we can not keep giving to all the free loaders in the world.It has to stop and the people who think we should just don’t see beyond their nose if they can not see what is impossible ,this would we are so in need to HELP OUR PEOPLE FIRST…………OUR VETERANS, WHO HAVE GIVEN SO MUCH TO PROTECT ALL OF US…….WE THE PEOPLE MUST STAND BEHIND OUR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES……..GOD BLESS AMERICA…..

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