A Marxist America

A Marxist America I'm Phil Johnson - the "GlobalNexter." Just a guy who wanders the world, connects a few dots, pays attention and values my family, my faith, my liberty and free speech.July 6, 2020 Visit http://www.globalnext.org to see all the Global Next, the organization does. JULY 6, 2020 It should be obvious to everyone … Continue reading A Marxist America

From Afghanistan to Germany: The Life of a Refugee

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. March 1, 2017 http://www.globalnext.org I have known Mr. Hami for several years - he was one of my students when I taught business and leadership courses in Afghanistan in 2014-2016. He didn't finish his course of study - instead he opted for freedom and the life and status of a refugee in … Continue reading From Afghanistan to Germany: The Life of a Refugee

GlobalNexter Predictions: 2016

December 31, 2015 I’ve never written a blog sharing my predictions for the future - but I was reading this article about this Bulgarian woman who apparently made all kinds of predictions, and I was thinking, “Who is this woman? And if she can make bizarre predictions about the future, why can’t I?” First, here’s her … Continue reading GlobalNexter Predictions: 2016

The Irrationality of Fear: Are We Thinking Straight?

  L.A. School Shut Down, San Bernardino and Syrian Refugees Keep the Fear Level Alive December 17, 2015 On Tuesday, the two largest school districts in the U.S. received terror threats against their schools. New York City’s schools remained open. Los Angeles, in an unprecedented move, shut down the entire public school system - more … Continue reading The Irrationality of Fear: Are We Thinking Straight?