New Season Begins for GlobalNext!

August 2, 2016

The hot, slow days of July have gone by and August is upon us.  With that, things for the Globalnexter begin to step into high gear.  For those who are following our work, our ideas and our global impact – here are some upcoming highlights. We hope you’ll be able to join us, participate with us or at least pray for us as we start the new season! Here’s what’s coming:

August 2: ACSI Summer Clinic – Hope Center, Plano, Texas

This event with teachers in the Dallas area will cover six hours of training about students’ personalities, classic lessons of leadership, how quickly cultural change is occurring and a session called “Turning Points” – a collection of meaningful historical events from World War 1 to today’s current presidential election, ISIS, Iran and beyond. I promise – it will be fascinating. Some of those highlights will involve “how to make a choice in the upcoming Presidential election,” “Who’s likely to be the next country to follow the UK in leaving the EU?” and “What do people around the world really think about Donald Trump’s views on immigration” – we’ll show you the data we’ve personally collected from Afghanistan and Iraq.


One of my most valuable leadership lessons: 

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.22.22 PM

September 1: “Who Me? An Entrepreneur?” Alexandria, Egypt

A conference for young budding business hopefuls. We’ll spend the day talking about what it takes to take an idea and turn it into  business! We will untangle the difference between, purpose, vision and mission – how to narrow your idea down to the “one thing” and a host of other things!



September 2: “Wired for Brilliance: Understanding Emotional Intelligence” Alexandria, Egypt

A conference that will help with all your relationships – from first impressions, listening skills and reading body language. Interacting intelligently with others is often the difference between who becomes successful and who does not!

Wired_For_Brilliance_3D_Book2_6X9September 3: “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Cairo, Egypt

An old favorite – helping to understand the personalities of those around us! Pit Bulls, Beagles, Golden Retrievers and Dalmatians. Same favorite course – but with a few brand new insights to share!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.27.42 PM

September 4-6 – Research in Beirut, Lebanon

Can’t say much about it now, but I promise the info will be fascinating as I meet with my contacts about ISIS and al Nusra Front and the coming problems with Iran’s Shi’a Militias. Stay tuned!


September 7-14 – Conference Series in Iraq

A series of events including leadership training, interpersonal relationship training, communication skills training and a few interviews at the front lines near Mosul to see what progress the US-led coalition is (or isn’t) making in defeating ISIS. The problems in Iraq are great – the need to encourage young leaders is even greater.


September 17-23: “Jump Your Shadow” Oxford, UK

An accelerated study-abroad conference for American students on the topic of “how to live big.” We all have choices on how we live and the legacies we leave behind. Prepare to see the world and yourself differently. In addition, it will be our first conference in the UK since BREXIT – so we’ll have a great opportunity to interview the Brits on how they feel about this historic change!



Soon our new website will be up and running – it will feature the stories of people who have traveled through our study-abroad programs, studied with us in conflict countries or in one way or another experienced GlobalNext. After 9 years of sharing our ideas, truths and teaching about life and leadership skills around the world, it is high time to start telling some of the stories of those who have gone through our programs. We have students who have gone on to become teachers, Afghan students who gained the courage to escape their dead-end fate of their country and made it to Europe and a new life, an Egyptian young lady who “jumped her shadow” who now helps place refugees in safer places, and a young marine who was placed in charge of 30 new recruits, because of the leadership skills he learned through Global Next – just a small part of the legacy of GlobalNext. We’re proud of our students from around the world and we’ll soon highlight their stories on our new site. But mostly, we’re thankful to God – who has allowed us this great opportunity to invest in people, to go to challenging places and leave behind the truth of God’s Word and His unparalleled love for this world. As I recently read – Mercy always trumps justice – thank God for that!

I’ll be honest with you – I sort of feel sorry for those who haven’t been able to experience the world from a GlobalNext experience – and I hope that many more will have the opportunity. Go to our website to find out more:

If you’ve already experience the life-changing effects of GlobalNext – always feel free to contact us about how you can become more involved. If you’re looking for meaning and purpose – you’d be hard pressed to find anything that equals what this program offers. We’ve had students, conference attenders, interns, senior associates and fellows – all of whom had a chance to not only continue growing, but to be part of helping others grow.

The world is changing my friends – do something that matters! Crawl over broken glass, climb hills, dig tunnels, repair relationships, do whatever it takes to make a difference in this world – a world so broken, so in need of grace and yet a world so full of possibilities and hope! Die to yourself and live for something greater than yourself – something with eternal value.

There’s much more coming in October and November…but that’s for another blog. Until next time, be well, safe and blessed.

Dr. Phil – the Globalnexter



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  1. How’d the ACSI event go?

    Excited to see the new website come together! I’m glad you will be sharing those stories!


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