2017: It’s Time to Go!

by Phil Johnson, Ph.D. December 31, 2017 http://www.globalnext.org 2017 was as busy as usual for the Globalnexter - I began the year in Poland, followed by Baghdad, Germany, Italy, Republic of Georgia, Finland, Estonia, Israel, the UK, Paris, Turkey, the Syrian border, Korea and now, I sit in Athens, Greece writing my final blog of … Continue reading 2017: It’s Time to Go!

France Again? Terror Truck Kills at Least 84

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. July 16, 2016 http://www.globalnext.org 1.) What happened?  At about 10:30 pm on July 14th,  (France’s Independence Day - Bastille Day) a 31-year-old French citizen of Tunisian decent, drove his 20-ton truck through a busy pedestrian area on a famous promenade in Nice, France. He killed at least 84 people, wounding hundreds of … Continue reading France Again? Terror Truck Kills at Least 84