Phil Johnson, Ph.D.
June 27, 2016

Every now and again, the “Globalnexter” likes to do a quick roundup of what’s going on in the world. If you haven’t read my last two blogs – I encourage you to catch up on what happened with the tragic Orlando Mass Shooting and my comments on ISIS Coming to the US.

But for now, let’s take a look at these global and political shenanigans:

1.) ISIS  Over the last two years, since ISIS declared their “Caliphate,” in Iraq and Syria,  the terror group has conducted or inspired 90 terror attacks in 21 different countries and has killed nearly 1400 people – and that is NOT counting those killed in Iraq and Syria.

Even Obama’s top pick to head up US forces in Africa,  Marine Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, admitted he didn’t understand why the U.S. wasn’t bombing the terrorists in Libya and felt there’s no “overall grand strategy at this point.” Way to keep it real Tommy – thanks being willing to say out loud what everyone already knows – None of Obama’s plans make sense.

Why should you care? Because the U.S. president keeps trying to tell us that “he’s got this,” but he does not have “this” at all.

Over 90 ISIS attacks since 2014 in 21 countries? 

2. ) BREXIT – The vote for Britain to leave the European Union is happening as I write this.  Actually, I believe the voting is over – and they are tabulating the results. And it’s closer than anyone thought. By the time you read this, the decision may already have been announced. For those who want the UK out of the EU, it’s all about getting back the UK’s autonomy, control of their boarders and control of their laws. For those who want to stay inside the European Union their desire is motivated by the mentality that there is “strength with unity,” not to mention the trade and immigration deals that are already in place.

Why should you care? If Britain leaves the EU, there will be a financial impact (initially, it will save the UK a bunch of money in dues – like billions of dollars) – it will also spook the global markets for a bit, but it will sort itself out.  Britain has no interest in getting a divorce from Europe – they just want a little more freedom to “date” others and expand their global options. (Here are some of the other pros and cons of the decision if you’re interested) But what if the UK does leave and it starts a dangerous trend of other EU nations leaving…you know, because no one wants to be left as the last one stuck with Greece…


If Britain leaves the EU, will it start a dominoes-like trend? 

3.) EgyptAir 804 – that crashed last month on its way from Paris to Cairo, can’t seem to get any information from their black boxes. After crashing, killing all 66 people on board, and after finally finding both black boxes  – no one knows anything. Officials are saying that they can’t retrieve the data from the damaged boxes. The boxes will be sent to the French aviation accident investigation bureau near Paris to see what can be retrieved. What century are we living in? I’m regretting my September booking on this airline…

Why should you care? Because when mechanical failure occurs or security is breached (whichever one turns out to be the cause) we have a right to know. It might not change my life or future plans, but I want to know what’s going on in the world. Awareness informs wisdom.

It’s the 21st century – surely we can get some answers about this tragic plane crash!!

4.) North Korea continues to play with missiles. The good-looking leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un is excited about a recent missile test of a “powerful new midrange ballistic missile test that state media said Thursday propelled one of the the weapons more than 1400 kilometers (870miles) high, saying it would allow strikes on U.S. forces throughout the region.” 

Why should you care? Because what used to look like a regional annoyance just might end up triggering something a little bit bigger. Someone needs to give Mr. Kim a time out until he can learn to work and play well with others. China – take care of that, please.

The president of North Korea needs a new hobby…

5.) If Russia invades the Baltic states, NATO will be useless. At least that’s what Lt-General Frederick Hodges, says. (He’s one of the most senior US generals in Europe). According to the good General, Russia could capture the capitals of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in as little as 36 hours – and there’s not much the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) could do about it. Well – that’s heartening….

Why should you care? Hmmmm, Because Russia is misbehaving – Russian planes are buzzing dangerously close to US destroyers. (Basically mocking us, because they don’t respect or fear our President.) We should also care because reassembling the old Soviet Union is never a good idea. Just trust me on that one… (And I didn’t even talk about Russia’s recent airstrikes in Syria that have killed civilians – including children – while Russia’s was actually helping ISIS.)

NATO and Europe need a plan…I think Putin already has one…

Well, there you have it – just a little whisper of the world to keep you a aware. I know it’s not a list of rescued kittens or three-legged dogs who scared off wolves or the winner of an elementary school spelling bee,  but it’s the stuff that global leaders pay attention to – because it helps us to know not only what’s happening, but where we’re headed.

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