MIDDLE EAST UPDATE: Iran, Libya, Iraq and Egypt

January 15, 2014 Well, it’s only January, but it’s time to do a quick update on what’s going on in the Middle East. There are four issues that deserve our attention. DEAL WITH IRAN The West struck a landmark deal with Iran over their nuclear program. Under the deal, Iran has agreed to cap the … Continue reading MIDDLE EAST UPDATE: Iran, Libya, Iraq and Egypt

Iran, Nukes and Deals

November 13,  2013 So, I guess we’re on speaking terms again with Iran. It’s been a while - since 1979 when the Iranian Revolution ousted the US-backed Shah and 52 Americans were taken hostage when the US Embassy was overrun by revolutionaries. The Americans were kept captive for 444 days until Ronald Reagan became president. … Continue reading Iran, Nukes and Deals