A Marxist America

A Marxist America

I’m Phil Johnson – the “GlobalNexter.” Just a guy who wanders the world, connects a few dots, pays attention and values my family, my faith, my liberty and free speech.

July 6, 2020

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JULY 6, 2020

It should be obvious to everyone that the United States of America is at war with itself. Since March of 2020, things have been changing quickly: The appearance of a brand new contagious virus, suspicious handling of information regarding said virus, social unrest, racial tension, protests, riots, violence… with elected officials sitting on the sidelines doing just about nothing.

The world has been turned upside-down. Liquor stores have been viewed as essential, churches, not so much. Protests against the coronavirus lockdowns are dangerous, race riots and looting, not dangerous. A previously unknown man named George Floyd is deified, George Washington, the nation’s founder is vilified. And the very fabric of our liberty, always fragile at best, is under incredible stress. There is a Marxist takeover of our country occurring. Or more accurately, it HAS BEEN occurring for many years, but few have paid attention.

Accuracy in Academia announced -all the way back in 2016 – that “Self-Identifying Marxist Professors Outnumber Conservatives as College Professors.” The divide has only increased over the last four years. Generations of young people have been brainwashed to hate their country and to believe that the only way to achieve “social justice” is to burn down our entire system – our entire way of life. The goal is to separate us from our history. Our past is standing in the way of those seeking Marxist power.

REMINDER: Our way of life is taken from the ethics of Judeo-Christian values. Who we are is connected to our past, ALL of it – from understanding that core human rights are derived from God to the continual journey to live up to the principles of our Constitution and the biblical principles upon which it was founded.

The prophet Jeremiah warned Israel of the destruction of Jerusalem. No one listened…no one could believe it could happen. The Babylonians destroyed the city in 586 B.C. The warning bells for our nation are sounding loudly and as Christians, we should be the “gate keepers” of our society, holding on to truth, and DECLARING the truth. Are we living up to that task?

Watch, enjoy and share the attached video if you have not done so yet. God has a plan for the future of this world and His people – our goal should be to prolong freedom for as long as possible, deepen our faith for the days ahead, and share the truth of God’s redemption with the very confused world around us.

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