The Story of Light

Phil Johnson, Ph.D. October 14, 2018  As I work throughout various parts of the world through my organization, Global Next, I am constantly finding a creeping darkness... war, death, poverty, mass illegal immigration, depravity, confusion, spiritual deception, misery and a lack of hope. But standing in Paris in Sainte Chapelle, the 13th century chapel … Continue reading The Story of Light

Iran, Nukes and Deals

November 13,  2013 So, I guess we’re on speaking terms again with Iran. It’s been a while - since 1979 when the Iranian Revolution ousted the US-backed Shah and 52 Americans were taken hostage when the US Embassy was overrun by revolutionaries. The Americans were kept captive for 444 days until Ronald Reagan became president. … Continue reading Iran, Nukes and Deals

Waffling on Syria

First, we have a leadership problem. Regardless as to whether or not I think military action in Syria is a good idea or not, if a president is going to make big “red-line” statements, then he should do what he says he’s going to do. Or don’t say anything. Obama said he was going to … Continue reading Waffling on Syria