Rome, Qatar and Chasing Rabbits

November 24, 2014 I recently returned from conducting a leadership conference in Italy followed by some research work in Qatar - two very different places, and each with a unique voice in the world. Rome is the home of the Roman Catholic Church and Pope Francis (who was recently ranked as the 4th most powerful … Continue reading Rome, Qatar and Chasing Rabbits

Wars, Legacies and 100 Years

July 1, 2014  On June 28th, history marked the 100th anniversary of the event that sparked World War I.  After the war and the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, maps were redrawn by the European victors, with very little understanding of the maze of Middle Eastern identities. Kurds, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, Jews, Christians, Druze and … Continue reading Wars, Legacies and 100 Years


June 27, 2014 I guess everyone has dreams. It’s surprising how different those dreams might be. While the parents of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram are dreaming of the return of the daughters, there are others - in other places - who are praying that their kid will win some child beauty pageant. While some … Continue reading FOR THOSE WHO DREAM…

Overconfident? Get Over Yourself!

November 11, 2013When developing leaders, I spend a lot of time trying to convince people to take appropriate risks, think bigger and live out purposeful, extraordinary lives. We talk often about missed opportunities and shadows that need to be jumped. But what about those who don’t struggle with taking chances. Is it possible there is … Continue reading Overconfident? Get Over Yourself!

Getting What You Want

 Recently I was speaking with some former interns of my organization about what they really wanted out of life. The answers ranged from strengthening their faith, figuring out a meaningful future, reaching professional goals and creating valuable relationships. Here’s the problem: Everyone wants something, but we don’t always know how to get it. So, what’s the … Continue reading Getting What You Want