Wars, Legacies and 100 Years

July 1, 2014  On June 28th, history marked the 100th anniversary of the event that sparked World War I.  After the war and the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, maps were redrawn by the European victors, with very little understanding of the maze of Middle Eastern identities. Kurds, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, Jews, Christians, Druze and … Continue reading Wars, Legacies and 100 Years

“Jumping Shadows and Training Leaders” The Global Next Oxford Conference

I just finished a week in England with 42 student leaders and educators at our “Jump Your Shadow” Conference, held at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University. As always, it was an amazing time of seeing the world, stretching the way people think about leadership and interacting with the world that exists outside one’s comfort zone. … Continue reading “Jumping Shadows and Training Leaders” The Global Next Oxford Conference

Post Office Boxes and Wisdom

I was standing in the post office in Frisco, Texas, where I live. Standing just ahead of me was a man of, shall we say, advanced years. I do not know exactly how old he was - my conservative guess is somewhere around 112 years old. I do know that his youngest “child” was 65 … Continue reading Post Office Boxes and Wisdom