Move an Embassy, Start a War?

A Conversation with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in Ramallah, West Bank Phil Johnson, Ph.D. April 22, 2018 SWIRLING GLOBAL EVENTS: Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a swirl of global events and you’re not exactly sure where those events - where those stories are taking you. I believe we find ourselves in such … Continue reading Move an Embassy, Start a War?

2013 End of Year List: Part One

December 24, 2013 We’re getting ready to say goodbye to the year 2013. I’ve always liked the end of a year. It provides a chance to think, to reflect and to evaluate. All good things, in my thinking, anyway. So, I’m dedicating my last two blogs of 2013 to my list of random things from … Continue reading 2013 End of Year List: Part One

Syrian President Assad: Brilliant Politician

(Photo by Spencer Irvine) How do you wage a civil war, get accused of using chemical weapons on your citizens, avoid a US military strike, admit that you actually have chemical weapons, sit for two US televised interviews and pretty much guarantee that you’ll stay in power? Ask Mr. Bashar al-Assad - because that’s exactly … Continue reading Syrian President Assad: Brilliant Politician