The Comeback of ISIS: Will Your Favorite Jihadist Group Return?

This is a revised version of my original article. Why? Because the original article sent the Kurdish government into a panic because I revealed classified and sensitive information. Read the new version to find out the absurd interaction between a simple journalist like me and the loose lips of Kurdish government officials. Ridiculous.

The Global Nexter

March 10, 2019
Philip C. Johnson, Ph.D.

Perhaps you noticed that this particular article suddenly disappeared after being published. If you were someone who was able to read the original, I am happy for that. If not – let me explain.

I have spent the last week dealing with Kurdish government officials who have been nagging me, begging me and harassing me to delete the original article? I’ve been promised other access and other information from high-level government officials on my next visit – but we’ll see.  Why all the panic on their side?(And trust me – it was panic – I am tempted to publicly release their emails to me.)  Because apparently, the information that I wrote about was extremely accurate, but highly classified and sensitive.

Now I have a couple of questions:

1.) If you are a Kurdish government official and possess classified information…

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