Hillary, Huma and Weiner: The Most Bizarre U.S. Election Ever

Phil Johnson, Ph.D
October 31, 2016

On Friday, October 28th, FBI director James Comey, sent a letter to members of Congress alerting them that the FBI was going to reopen the investigation on Hillary Clinton’s emails and the private server she maintained at her home while serving as Secretary of State – an investigation that the FBI had closed down this past summer. And a decision that garnered Comey much criticism from conservatives and others for simply reprimanding Hillary for “extreme carelessness” rather than convening a grand jury and possibly indicting the presidential candidate for putting national security at risk.
In what has been one of the ugliest, craziest, most scandal-ridden, media-biased, dishonest and corrupt elections in U.S. history, things just got more interesting. And the decision of FBI director Comey to make his recent statements wasn’t based on all the WikiLeaks revelations (disturbing as those are). The new information came through the FBI’s continuing investigation of disgraced former New York Congressman, Anthony Wiener. Weiner is under investigation for allegedly sexting an underaged girl. Mr. Wiener is also married to (though currently separated from) Hillary Clinton’s closest friend and aide, Huma Abedin.  According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the FBI has found 650,000 emails on a laptop that was shared by former congressman Weiner and current Clinton aide Huma Abedin. As the WSJ states, “thousands of those messages could have been sent to or from the private server that Mrs. Clinton used while she was Secretary of State, according to people familiar with the matter.”
No one knows at the moment exactly what the FBI has found, but it’s a fair guess that the FBI’s director would not make this announcement so close to a very divisive election unless it was something big – something significant – something that couldn’t wait until after the election. Here are a few interesting things to consider about this whole unexpected and bizarre surprise as Hillary, Huma and Weiner are all intrinsically tied together.
1. Huma Abedin, Hillary’s closest aide and friend is a practicing Muslim whose family has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. How close those ties are depends on which media sources you trust. And as the Media is irreparably flawed, I encourage you to read various viewpoints and reports on this matter and make your own judgement.  Here are a few articles: Here (1) Here (2) and Here (3).
2. Huma, raised in Saudi Arabia (though born in the US), was the former assistant editor of a journal called the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs – a publication that was founded by her father. (Huma’s mother took over the journal when her father died and her brother is also an editor for the journal.) The publication has been described as: “a radical Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the U.S. for 9/11.”  Source (1) Source (2)
3. Huma Abedin married Anthony Weiner, the Jewish congressman (former) who is very pro-Israel and who tried to bar entry of the Palestinian delegation to the United Nations. Weiner added that the delegation “should start packing their little Palestinian terrorist bags.” How exactly did Huma’s family allow this or accept this marriage? Islam forbids Muslim women from marrying any man who is not Muslim. (Though Islam does allow Muslim men to marry non-Muslim women, usually Christians or Jews.) Huma and her family are all practicing Muslims – so how exactly did this marriage happen and why? The cynical view is that the technique of Muruna was used. Look it up. 
4. Think about the national security vulnerabilities that have been created as a result of Hillary Clinton’s choices to follow her own rules and desires while supposedly serving the nation as Secretary of State. Not only did the FBI confirm that classified documents were received and sent by Clinton on an unsecured server, but you have to wonder which foreign governments have those documents and emails now.
5. If Hillary is elected president (and at the moment, polls indicate that this is still a possibility) – her first months as president-elect will be completely consumed by the FBI’s continued investigation and constant media coverage. And what if this all ends up with an indictment and possible conviction against the newly-elected U.S. president? What if significant national security matters have already be compromised?
6. Things in our world are edging towards a boiling point. While US media coverage is almost completely focused on the upcoming election and all the related scandals, Russia is flexing its geopolitical muscle, the Russian people are mentally preparing for what they’ve been told will be an eventual US nuclear attack. Syria is being destroyed before our eyes. The battle for ISIS-occupied Mosul in Iraq rages as ISIS executes hundreds of Iraqi civilians. Meanwhile thousands of Iranian-backed Shia Militia members are joining the fray in Iraq. And our ally, Turkey, is becoming less and less cooperative.
So with little more than a week to go before a new U.S. president is elected, things are more interesting and more troubling than ever. Expect lots of political spin, maybe a few more surprises and eventually a president will be elected –  either one who has no experience and serious impulse-control issues or one who might be a criminal and on her way to jail.

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