JULY 10, 2014

I teach a course called, “How to Build a Life: Intelligent Life Strategies.” In this course, we talk about what it takes to build a satisfying and meaningful life. One of our topics revolves around the art of connecting with people. I always tell my groups that there is “connecting” with people (making a good first impression) and then there are “permanent connections” – connecting to the point where people can’t live without you. The world is fickle – so what can you do to make sure you outlast the competition, the trends and people’s ever-changing moods?

Here are my suggestions of what I believe make a person indispensable – the kind of person I’d want to keep around forever. (Personally or for business. ) These are the qualities that separate the men from the boys, the girls from the women, the amateurs from the professional and good from the extraordinary:

1.  Take RESPONSIBILITY: Own It. Success or failure, take responsibility, never shift blame.

2.  Show up and be on TIME: Buy a watch.

3.  Plan for ADVANCEMENT: Know where you’re going.

4.  Generate IDEAS: Contribute something of value.

5.  Be HONEST: All the time, in every area. Even in the small things.

6.  Keep SECRETS: Knowledge is power – gossiping is weakness.

7.  Be an EXPERT. Know your job better than anyone.

8.  Make your boss look GOOD: Happy, successful bosses keep those who helped him achieve his goals.

9.  Be POSITIVE – never negative: No one likes constant negative energy.

10.  Be FLEXIBLE: We all need to bend with the wind from time to time.

11.  Do not COMPLAIN: Have more solutions than problems.

12.  LEARN from your mistakes: Jump, fall, make mistakes, but learn, grow and continue.

13.  Improve your SKILLS: Strive to be a better version of yourself.

14.  Provide excellent CUSTOMER service: You are the face of your company – or the relationship. Never embarrass your boss or friend.

15.  Get a sense of HUMOR: Learn to laugh – it helps!

16.  TEACH others: Help others look good and succeed.

17.  Take on EXTRA responsibility cheerfully: Go the extra mile.

18.  SACRIFICE and make me believe that you find it to be a privilege to be part of the team.

19.  FINISH what you start: Never leaving something unfinished.

20.  Be LOYAL: Stability of character will never be thrown away.


  1. Thank you for these absolute reminders. They are also good for those of use that have closed chapters of our lives. It’s not over, just a new chapter. The truths stay the same.

  2. Dr. Phil! These are excellent points. I printed them out and put them in my office. Thanks for the article! Miss you!


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