MAY 5, 2014

The topic of WISDOM is inexhaustible. Many people have tried to define it, to understand it and to live it. Maybe it’s hard to define, but we all know when we run into that person who just “has it.” That individual who just gets the deeper things of life and lives differently. Wisdom is that deep insight that understands how the world works, how it fits together, what things mean and how to sort through the unexpected twists and turns of life.

It’s been said that “the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7)  And who wants to be a fool?!

So with that said, Global Next is proud to announce our brand new program, “Chasing Wisdom: Super-Smart Living and Leading” to be held in Beijing, China in January 2015. (Check out our website for updates and details:

Here are a few thoughts to get you excited about the new course:

  • Does sadness make us wiser? Is it possible that going through difficult times, betrayal, disappointment or tragedy actually cause us to think differently, more deeply and with more insight? Would Corrie ten Boom have been able to speak so eloquently about forgiveness had she not survived the concentration camps of Germany? 
  • Does wisdom find you or do you chase it? If I just sit around, will wisdom find me? Will someone voluntarily pour his life and thoughts and ideas into me? Or do I need to get up and find smart people and drag the wisdom out of them? And if I do chase wisdom, and the people who have it, what should I ask them? 
  • What are things that “wise” people do that others don’t do? And how do those choices impact their relationships, leadership opportunities and ultimately their influence? 

Join us in Beijing and see the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and even a few Pandas as we study this topic and connect it to the culture and sites of China. The combination of understanding wisdom from God’s viewpoint while seeing the palaces of the great Chinese emperors (who thought they were gods) to the advent of Communism and Chairman Mao (who thought they didn’t need God) will change your understanding of life and leadership and the source and depth of chasing wisdom. 

Anyone can travel to see the world – that just requires a passport and a plane ticket. Few people get the opportunity to connect the dots and understand the world in context. Come see the world and change your life at the same time. Global Next sees things differently – because we’re always slightly ahead of our time zone. 🙂


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